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I’m interested in your product MPS SAAS Version. I need to know a little information, especially about the technology behind it.

I have tried your demo app, I see your SAAS making a duplicate or a copy of the MPS app and creating a sub-domain for every subscription. Am I right? So on the server side, it will be a one-folder application (containing MPS source code), with one database for each use. Am I right? How about the performance? Does it require a high-spec server? I mean like, let's say I run on the VM instance in the cloud hosting (EC2 / VMs) then I’m running multiple application, let's say I have a hundred subscriber, does it means I have a hundred application project folder and a hundred database?

Could you explain to me how you turn your MPS Web app into SAAS Version?

Comment by Pricellia Ellen 1 year ago
Replied by Pricellia Ellen 1 year ago


Replied by Mian Saleem 1 year ago


Yes, there will be single instance of the app (files) with separate database and storage folder for each client.

The performance wise, you will need a decent server like 4-6 GB RAM and SSD straoge. If you can setup separate server for files & cache and database then would be preferable. We will have serverless option in future.

Thank you

Replied by Pricellia Ellen 1 year ago

Can I buy it using third party like code canyon?

Replied by Mian Saleem 1 year ago

No, we don't sell SaaS version at codecanyon but only MPS. If you have extended license of MPS then you can get discount on the SaaS version. Thank you

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