Bug With Images And Image Uploads Storage Folder


I can´t upload Images on Shop Frontend or in MPS Applications Settings:

First the Demo Images of the Shop have https://mps.test/storage/images/mps-light.png

On Screen you can see the Shop Logo URL "mps.test"

In the Backend you can see the Applicatin Setting URL Problem:

I can´t upload Product Images

All Images are in storage ? in my storage folder no images. The Images i can find in public/images

It is local Installation on Mac + MAMP Pro and PHP 8
MPS Version 0.6.4

On the Shop Demo i can´t change the Demo Logo but i think its normal in you demo


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Reported by Marcel Müller 1 month ago


Replied by Mian Saleem 1 month ago


Please change the APP_URL in your .env file. I will update the installer to set the correct app url.

For the storge, can you please run php artisan storage:link

Please try to upload logo and images again and let me know the result after trying above suggestion.

Thank you


Replied by Marcel Müller 1 month ago

php artisan storage:link Works 😉

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