Update Lang File - Cache - Not Updating


I've made some mods to the en.json file in resources/lang - but they are not reflected on the front end application. I've tried the following command to re-build and clear cache, but still they have not changed.

npm i
npm run prod
rm -Rf storage/framework/cache/data/*
php8.0 artisan cache:clear
php8.0 artisan view:clear
php8.0 artisan optimize:clear
npm i
npm run prod
php8.0 artisan queue:restart

Please advise what is required after editing the resources/lang/en.json file to update it.


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Asked by J W 1 month ago


Answered by J W 1 month ago



Answered by Mian Saleem 1 month ago

I am glad to know. Thank you for updating

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