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Email Test Application (Windows Installer)

Email Test Application offer HTML representation, text, source code, attachments, raw. headers & spam report. Check your emails before you deliver your apps and deploy to production.

Free Support **
Released at
Sep 17, 2021
Updated at
Sep 22, 2021

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* All license for windows installer can't be modified.
** Every new purchase come with 6 months free support.

Built using

Email Test Application is developed using Tauri, Vuejs, Tailwindcss, Webpack & NPM.
Tauri Vuejs Tailwindcss Webpack NPM


EmailTest is desktop application to help you test local emails while development.

Test Emails


Broken Link Checker

Spam Report


Easy Installation

Single click installer makes it very easy to install SimplePOS on your machine

Test Local Emails

Easily test local emails before you deliver your apps and deploy to production.

Spam Report

Checks the SpamAssassin score of your incoming emails

SMTP Server Logs

Installer logs smtp server start and if any errors for smtp server.

3 Licenses

We offer 3 licenses for you, choose anyone that suits your need


Free standard support for 6 month from the date of purchase


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