eCommerce Module for Modern POS Solution

eCommerce module for your Modern Point of Sale Solution to allow your customer make orders & Payments. It has 2 theme mode light & dark and comes with pages, menus, currencies, shipping & coupon management.

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Released at
25 Aug 2021
Updated at
25 Aug 2021

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* Basic version comes with minified css & js files.
* Standard & Extended licenses will have all including package.json, webpack.mix.js, workbox-config.js, CSS and Javascript files to modify the item as you like.
** Every new purchase come with 6 months free support.

Built using

eCommerce Module for Modern POS Solution is built using laravel, Livewire, Alpinejs, Tailwindcss, Workbox, Webpack, Laravel Mix & NPM.
Laravel Livewire Alpinejs Tailwindcss Workbox Webpack laravel mix NPM


eCommerce Module for Modern POS Solution is developed using TALL (Tailwindcss, Alpinejs, Laravel & Livewire) stack is a responsive and easy to use shop website that could help you manage your business very well by allowing your customers to make order & payments, manage address, wishlist & profile.




Shipping Methods




Get the control of your home page by managing menus and selecting slider & featured items in settings. You can choose popular brands and categories.

Manage Pages

Manage your website pages easily with contact us form and google map address short code. More shortcodes will be added in the futures.

Manage Currencies

Manage currencies so that your customer can check the items' price in their chosen currency. You can add currencies with auto update exchange rate. The checkout will be in default currency.

Customer Orders & Payments

Customers can view the order & make payments using your selected card gateways, PayPal or offline payment to your accounts.

Coupon Code

Manage coupon codes and accept them on your shop to give discounts to your customers.

Shipping methods

Manage shipping methods for all your state and countries, set shipping rates. Shipping method is required field on checkout page and shipping rate will be added to the sale.


Update settings to easily configure the module, item shipping & return contents, notification, shop modes, guest checkout, cookie message, login style, hide price, disable card, default theme mode and others.

Much More

Customer users can manage their sessions and tow factor authentication with Google Authenticator, wishlist, manage addresses, profile management. You can request features and we will consider them in future updates.


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