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Hello, Pre Sale question:
Will this module have the following? or is he considerate to be added?
*Hide Shopping cart for certain products (use for post as classified ads).
*Shipping cost depending on location (country/states) and depending on product size/dimensions.
*Shipping/delivery only on selected countries/states?
*Does it have multiple fields for product description in Shop Module (color, size, etc.).
*Bidding Module.
*Multiple payments including cash on delivery for Shop Module.
*Digital productos (lucenses, files, potos, etc.).
*Add comments to products (not reviews but comments for sellers products).
*Share products on social media.
*Can pages created by administrators be translated to other languages? as well as Cookies, Privacy Policy, FAQs, About us,
Our Mission, etc. can be translated?
*Flash Deals on Shop Module including "Sale ends in..." clock.
*Top products, top sellers to be shown/filter on main page for Shop Module.
*Blog Posts.
*Image Sliders for Shop Module.
*Advertising Spaces on Shop Module.
*Reward Points on Shop Module.
*Social Login on Shop Module.
*Add the reviews (stars), how many ahve been sold and item location (city/country) on product description or/and below pricing.
*Products tags like: On Sale, Sold, Not Avlaiable, New Product, etc.
*Abuse Reports for Shop Module.
*Bad Word Filter for Shop Module.

Thank you.

Comment by Markshles 9 months ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 9 months ago


We are open to suggestions and feature requests.

  1. You can disable/enable cart price or hide items at the shop.
  2. Now for location but will be updated to use weight & dimensions in future updates.
  3. You can check the shipping methods after login as super.
  4. Yes, it has multiple variant fields, please have look at demo.
  5. No and no such plan yet
  6. You can check the cart, user has the option to make payment with PayPal, Credit Card, Balance, COD etc
  7. In future
  8. No but will check in future
  9. No but will add in next update
  10. Yes, page title, description, and body in the language file. You can check shop page under admin menu after login as super
  11. Yes, the menu strings are translate-able too
  12. Not yet but open to suggestions
  13. Top products can but there are no sellers
  14. In future
  15. Only feature item slider, will check to image slider in future
  16. No, but will check
  17. As MPS
  18. Will add in stable release (social login)
  19. Review details are there, will check for others
  20. No tags yet, will check in future
  21. Will add in stable release (flag item)
  22. Will add in stable release

Thank you

I own SMA with POS + Shop module. I purchased the MPS in discount using SMA purchase code, but now when I try to get discount for e-commerce moduke, it's not accepting my SMA with POS purchase code or Shop module purchase code.

Kindly check the same.

Comment by Raees 9 months ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 9 months ago


It should accept shop module. Let me check and I shall fix this soon.

Thank you

Replied by Raees 9 months ago

Its accepting SMA Shop module purchase code. Thank you

not activate ecommerce module on my mps waiting long time kindly do this

Comment by Pramod Kumar Bhagat 5 months ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 5 months ago

Please follow up on your ticket. Thank you

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