Modern Point of Sale Solution (MPS)

MPS (Modern POS Solution) is all in one retail & restaurant POS solution that offers a lot of features such as Point of Sale, Promotions, Recurring Sales, Purchases, Stock, CRM, Accounting and Payments (Offline, Online & Credit/Debit Cards) & many more feature.

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Released at
11 Dec 2020
Updated at
30 May 2022

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* Basic version comes with minified css & js files.
* Standard & Extended licenses will have all including package.json, webpack.mix.js, workbox-config.js, CSS and Javascript files to modify the item as you like.
** Every new purchase come with 6 months free support.

Built using

Modern Point of Sale Solution (MPS) is built using laravel, Vuejs, Workbox, Webpack, Laravel Mix & NPM.
Laravel Vuejs Workbox Webpack laravel mix NPM


MPS is a responsive and easy to use point of sale solution that could help you manage your business very well with customers, suppliers, expenses, incomes, sales, purchases, payments, taxes & many more.


Sales & Purchases

Customers & Suppliers

Expenses & Incomes

Point of Sale

Accounts & Taxes


Dashboard with weekly, monthly and yearly sales, purchase, incomes and expense charts with option to change month and year.

Point of Sale with Restaurant Features

Easy to use point of sale screens to manage multiple orders at once. Change POS grid item by category or search all the items. POS has customer view (secondary display), calculator, shortcut keys, extra order field including custom fields, discount, print order, print bill and payment option. All POS sales will be recorded in the register sales, users should close the register at then of their shift/work hours.

Items, Units, Stock Adjustments & Transfers

Manage all your items/products of standard (with stock trails & multiple variants i.e, colro & size etc), services, receipts and combo deals with option to set unit of measurements, different price & cost for each location. Stock adjustment to correct the item stock or record damages with option to transfer items from one location to another.

Item Promotions & Label Design

Add and manage promotions as you need. There are 4 types of promotions i) Simple, ii) Advance, iii) Buy X Get Y (Buy 1 Get 1 Free), iv) Spent X amount to get percentage discount. All the promotions can be applied to selected items and categories.

Sales, Quotations, Purchases & Return Orders

Manage all your sales, recurring sales, deliveries, quotations, purchases and return orders (both sales and purchase types) easily with simply and familiar user interface. Generate sales from quotations and much more.

Customers & Suppliers

Manage your customers (with customer groups to apply discounts) and suppliers easily with their account and payment transaction.

Expenses & Incomes

Manage all your expenses and record incomes other then sales and get the clear sight of your business.

Gift Cards, Online & Offline payments

The payments are to directly attached to sales and purchases but with customer and supplier to maintain their journal account. This will allow you to add payment for any customer or supplier and system will automatically mark the sales and purchases as paid that means you can accept payment for multiple sales and purchases.

You can set offline account with details and can accept payment online. At the moment 4 gateways (Stripe (cards), PayPal Pro (redirect to PayPal and accept cards), PayPal Rest (cards), (cards)) are available. You can add gift cards and accept payments from these gift cards.

Settings, Categories & Brands

Update settings to easily configure the application, add categories and brands to be used with items and expenses.

Accounts, Locations & Taxes

Manage multiple accounts (with gateway fees option), locations (with default account & logo) and taxes. Accounts with all payment transactions and can check opening and closing balance for any period of time. Assets transfer option from one account to another.

Users, Salaries, Roles & Permissions

Manage all your users (employees and all other users), add and manage user roles with permissions and their salaries with fixed or per hour rates and advance payments. Edit staff to allow them set extra permissions to view and edit all records. User's profile has some application settings that user can over write for his own taste.

Alerts & Reports

6 alerts for low and expiring stock, due payments, customer and supplier due limit and expense approvals. 14 reports with customizability for timerange and other related data such as customer, supplier, reference and custom fields etc. Account, customer and supplier journal and transactions with opening & closing balance for any period.

Many More

Application activity log, shortcut keys, user impersonation (acting user or easy login), simple & compact order views and custom fields can be set for sales, purchases, expenses, income and may other entities. You can request features and we will consider them in future updates.


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