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i want install it on 1 September. how to download and attach ecommerce with this Modern Point of Sale Solution?

Comment by Pramod Kumar Bhagat 3 weeks ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 3 weeks ago

The update is not yet released. Once module available, you will be notified by email. Thank you

Hello, I have been testing Modern Point of Sale Solution (currently I have installed on my domain Stock Manager Advance with All Modules) and I would like to purchase Basic or Standard version, I have some questions:

Can I still apply for a discount since I have purchase Stock Manager Advance with All Modules?
Does MPS and SHOP have option to translate Email templates to another languages? (Stock Manager Advance with All Modules doesn’t have this option)
I would like to install Modern Point of Sale Solution on 3 domains (to sell different type of products/other project on the 3 domains), can you offer discount for purchasing multiple licenses?
And: for those 3 domains can I add the option for: when a customer/MPS user create an account in one domain be also created in the other 2 domains, is this possible?
BTW, great Job on MPS and great you be adding Shop module… Thank you.

Comment by Markshles 2 weeks ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 2 weeks ago


Yes, you can use your purcahse code to get 50% off. Yes, MPS notifications are translate-able. Please email to [email protected] for multiple licnese purchase.

There won't be any communication between installations but this could be possibility once APIs are avaialble.

Thank you

Hi Mian, I already own Stock Manager Advance with POS Module with an additional shop module. I wish I could give a try new MPS with an e-commerce module.

  1. I would like to purchase the Basic License of MPS using the discount code I created with the SMA purchase code. If I have am satisfied with the testing, I may upgrade the Basic Licence to Standard Licence. will I get a 50% discount if I upgrade later? Or I will lose the benefit of using discount count if I already used it for Basic License.

  2. I have a requirement for a new company that is into Vehicle Sales, Can we expect an android/ios mobile app for MPS POS or SMA POS connected to the main web version in the near future where we can use handheld android with an inbuilt barcode scanner and can connect to Bluetooth thermal printer.

  3. For the new purchases of POS applications which one we can expect future updates frequently? MPS or SMA

  4. As mentioned here in the website, free support is for 6 months, what about future updates? Is it free or do we need to pay after 6 months

Comment by Raees 3 days ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 3 days ago


  1. I am sorry as we don't have any option for license update. I suggest you test it on live demo and then purchase the license.

  2. MPS will have mobile app in future but can't promise the features yet.

  3. SMA is on error/bug and security patch mode. MPS is on enhancement/improvement mode so features will be added more often in updates.

  4. There is no plan for restricted update, but I can't promise for future as it will depends on many factors including sales, support burden, features and maintenance cost. In such case we will have support renewal option.

Thank you

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