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We have few questions

1- What platform this POS is it built in?
2-Which script is used in this?
3- Is the cart library used in this?
4-Does this also has kitchen screen ?

Can we customise it according to our need easily ?

Comment by Anshu Lal 3 months ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 3 months ago


If you read the item page, it;s mentioned there that the item is built with Laravel and Vuejs. No cart library used. MPS as the main & customer view screens only. There is no Kitchem screen yet.

Thank you

Hi, May I ask for Saas version when available?


Comment by Le Duy Quang 3 months ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 3 months ago


It will be after import/export module that I am working and hoping to complete in 2 - 3 months. Then will start on SaaS modules that could take another 2 - 3 months.

Thank you

Can i ask few questions ?
1- How to add or edit product opening stock ?
2- Purchase have status like: Ordered, Received, Pending... ? When status set to Received mean product added to stock.
3- Have 2 discount option ? Fixed amount or % ?

Comment by Hero Toàn Bùi 1 month ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 1 month ago


  1. While adding the item, the location step has the option to set quantity, or you can add products and then add dummy purchase to set the initial stock if you want.

  2. Yes, received purchase means updating the stock.

  3. No, only percentage. There is no fixed discount.

Thank you

Replied by Hero Toàn Bùi 1 month ago
  1. I think u should add "Add or Edit product Opening Stock" and "Import Opening Stock by CSV file" because cant add stock for every single product when have too much products.
  2. But I cant see where to set Purchase status ?
    Your script look good, but still dont have many important features. Now I can't replace my current script by your.
Replied by Mian Saleem 1 month ago

There will be import/export modules available in future. I am sorry for the purchase status, MPS purchase don't have status but draft option only. If the purchase is marked as draft, it will not update the stock. Thank you

Replied by Hero Toàn Bùi 3 weeks ago

When Import function release ?

Replied by Mian Saleem 3 weeks ago

There are no dates. The module is in progress and only bands/categories option are added yet. Thank you

demo is not working it has so many error

Comment by Ajay Tiwari 1 month ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 1 month ago

I have checked the demo is loading and showing up fine. Can you please let me know at least one error so that I can check? Thank you

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