Simple Business Manager - Invoicing Solution

SBM is all in one business solution that offers a lot features such as Invoicing, Recurring Invoices, Purchases, Stock, Customers, Vendors, Accounting and Payments (Offline, Online & Credit/Debit Cards) and many other features to manage your business.

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Manage your invoices, recurring invoices, purchases, stock, customers, vendors & accounts.

Simple Business Manager (SBM) is all in one business solution developed by Tecdiary, using Vuejs (front-end) and Laravel (back-end). Simple Business Manager offer a lot of features such as invoices, recurring invoices, purchases, CRM, Accounting and Payments (Offline, Online & Credit/Debit Cards) to manage your business and it’s compatible with most of the tax systems including GST, SST, VAT and state level taxes such as in Canada & India.

Manage Products

Manage all your products with category, taxes, custom fields and manage stock

Manage Invoices

Manage all your invoices, create recurring invoices and track customer dues

Online Payment

Accept payments online with you preferred payment gateway and offline account payment

Custom Fields

Add any number of custom fields to models as you need them

Manage Purchases

Manage your purchases, stock and email orders to your vendors

Income & Expenses

Manage all your expenses and other incomes from single place

Activity log

Activity log to help you audit any user actions when you need

Event Calendar

Event calendar to help you manage your tasks easily

Quick Settings

App, invoice and system settings are available to easily configure the application

Many More

Accounts, transfers, Multiple Taxes, Email Templates and 5 user groups (super, admin, staff, customer & vendor)

Feature list

  • Invoice module
  • Event Calendar
  • Purchase module
  • Products module
  • Accounting module
  • Customers & Vendors management
  • Recurring Invoice module
  • Expenses & Incomes module
  • Payments module with online payment options
    • Accept PayPal payments
    • Accept Credit Card Payments with any of the following
      • Stripe
      • PayPal Pro
      • PayPal Rest
  • Custom Fields module to add extra fields to
    • Vendors
    • Products
    • Customers
    • Income & Expenses
    • Invoices & Purchases
    • Custom Field with sort order & following types
      • Text
      • String
      • Integer
      • Datetime
      • Boolean (select yes/no)
  • Enable/disable stock feature (Inventory)
  • Easily configure-able with Settings module
  • Easily update email templates from settings
  • Comes with 3 Invoice/Purchase/Payment templates
  • Comes with 3 User Roles
    1. Super (super admin)
      • Can perform all actions
    2. Admin (administrator)
      • Can’t delete any data/records
      • Can add/edit/view almost all data except settings & users
    3. Staff (sales staff)
      • Can’t edit any data/records
      • Can’t delete any data/records
      • Can only view own added records for invoices, purchases & payments
      • Can add products, customers, vendors, invoices, purchases & payments
  • Progressive Web App, you can add it to home on your tablet/mobile devices and use as mobile application. All the get requests will be cached but you need to be online to make post/put/delete requests.


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