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I have purchased the product. I need a guide to set it up on the web server


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Asked by Jayasiri Gunasekara 2 months ago


Answered by Mian Saleem 2 months ago


The installation instructions are in the help folder of your download. Please follow them. If any step is not clear or you need further assistance. Please let me know the step number so that I can explain to you.

Thank you


Answered by Engr Ahmed 1 month ago

Mr. saleem, I purchased SmartPOS but cant login. please help. my email is [email protected], date of purchase was May 1st. note my email is not full because its public I dont want to spread my email.


Answered by Mian Saleem 1 month ago

Engr Ahmed Hello,

I have replied your emails. One this morning and another afternoon.

The default username is `_admin` and the password as you set on first opening the app. 

If it’s new installation, you can reset the data by clicking the menu icon in title bae than press Alt+Shift and click reset data while keep pressing the buttons.

If you have data, then you can go to reset password page and then press Alt+Shift to get the option to reset default user _admin password.

Thank you

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