Product Unit Price Based On Sale Report


Hello support team,

I would wonder if there is a feature already exist, can we see product cost or total product cost, based on item we sold or sale report?

now on the profit and lost report it counts total purchased vs total sales. but some purchased items are not yet sold, so we think this method is not what we look for. so we would like to ask is there a way where we can see total cost of only based on quantiy and items we sold so we compare for profit and lost.

thank you

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Asked by Prom Vongchann 7 months ago


Answered by Mian Saleem 7 months ago


You can check products report.

The main profit/loss is general ledger total sales - total purchases. If you click the day number/month name on daily/monthly sales report, you will get different profit report total products revenue - total products cost

Thank you


Answered by Prom Vongchann 7 months ago

oh let me try that, thank you bro


Answered by P Blue 1 month ago

Hi, if you still need help with showing sale cost / total sale products cost on Sales Report, I can provide you support. Thanks.


Answered by Mian Saleem 1 month ago

P Blue Hello,

Please avoid asking everyone. You can offer to those who are looking for developers.

Thank you

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