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Slash In Product Code Gives Barcode Error

adding a slash "/" gives barcode error. This system should check for characters that are not allowed. Tested on Demo, check product code watermelonws-1232334

Reported by Dean Elzey 2 weeks ago 1 Replies 13 Views


Error Displaying Products In The Online Store

In the new update, when choosing a category it always shows the same one and when changing the page to see other products it always shows page 1 even if you are on 5, in the same way when changing the

Reported by Michael Alonzo 1 month ago 1 Replies 34 Views
Version 3.4.46


Can Not Able To Purchase The Combo Items

i can not able to purchase the combo items. when i try to add the combo item in add purchase, It says No matching result found. Could you please help me on this

Reported by Moses 4 months ago 7 Replies 105 Views


Combo Items Can Be Added Even If There Is No Soc

Combo items can be added even if there no stock available while no overselling option enabled. It is not showing when we add the combo item it is showing only when we do payment. Can you please fi i

Reported by Moses 4 months ago 2 Replies 75 Views


Found A Little Bug About Event Calender

Im not sure if this is suposed to be happend. Here is the scenario, I make an event on calender, after that i need to click the "Add Event" button if i use my mouse to move the cursor and click it it

Reported by Einnlleinhatt Ha 4 months ago 1 Replies 56 Views


Combo Unit Is Always Fixed

We could not change the unit of the combo products created on the bill. it is always "m" in my case. i tried to edit the product but could not be edited.

Reported by karim amkar 5 months ago 3 Replies 75 Views


Javascript Error With Simple Quote

Hello, I have spent a day looking for the solution to this. Some of the sections of the site (that were working normal) stoped workin, ex : Add supplier products and prices on the add products page /

Reported by karim amkar 5 months ago 3 Replies 88 Views
Version 3.4.45


Add Product Manually

1- initiate a quotation(Add quotation) 2- Add only one item to the quotation manually(Add product manually) 3- list quotations and try to make a purchase or sales from that quotation 4- the sales or p

Reported by Nadim Al Amin 7 months ago 1 Replies 128 Views


Complete Sale Status For The Combo Products

I have tried to complete the sales status of a combo product and I am getting an error while completing it. I did the same thing in your demo model and got an error when I am trying to complete the

Reported by Amila Hettiarachchi 8 months ago 8 Replies 208 Views
Version 3.4.43


Purchases Price Comma Not In Right Place

i found out that the price comma is different like in the picture hope that you can help me thanks

Reported by Billy John Flores 9 months ago 2 Replies 203 Views

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