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Adjustments Subtractions Errors Expire Date

Quantity Adjustments Product subtractions and additions cause errors for products with Expire Dates. Additions are fine, but subtractions display incorrect Expire Date warnings. For example, 10 items

Reported by workkokogyi 1 week ago 1 Replies 49 Views


Brand Not Support Any Language

When adding a company, trademark, or category, any language other than English is not accepted.

Reported by taha 7 months ago 2 Replies 236 Views


Daily And Monthly Sales Report Error

"Product's Revenue" is Wrong, after Edit Sales (error occurred with Products with different Default Unit & Sale Unit).

Reported by Aiden 7 months ago 3 Replies 413 Views


Import Sale By Csv Sale Unit

Import sale by CSV, the import quantity unit does not follow Default Sale Unit. Example: Product Unit: pc, Default Sale Unit: Pack (50pc). When import sale product by CSV, it followed product unit, i

Reported by Aiden 7 months ago 2 Replies 221 Views


Importat Transfer Error

I just updated to version 3.5.1, and it does not allow transfers. always shows the message: Product xxxxxxx does not have the quantity to transfer. however the products are in the warehouse. For the m

Reported by Carlos Torrez 1 year ago 6 Replies 611 Views
Version 3.5.2


Who To Contact For Security Vulnerabilities

Hi there, I found a security vulnerability exists in "Stock Manager Advance with All Modules". Who should I report the vulnerability to? Thanks.

Reported by Truoc Phan 1 year ago 5 Replies 604 Views
Version v3.5.0


Items Missing After Purchase Edit

Create purchases with more than 80items edit after the submission and check the items count When we enter the purchase the items count was 81 after editing it was reduced to 58

Reported by Shibin Mathew (Shenil) 1 year ago 1 Replies 2.4k Views


Why Replies Are Disabled

We have given granted the user all privileges on the database but getting the same error. we purchased this one last month 28th .but installation has not been completed till now please can you give me

Reported by rajani 1 year ago 2 Replies 2.6k Views


We Getting An Installation Problem

Hello, we purchased Modern Point of Sale Solution, we getting an installation problem. please find the attachment and resolve the issue.

Reported by rajani 1 year ago 1 Replies 2.2k Views


Getting Quantity Issue

hello , we added some products with quantity in warehouse 1 ,but showing in superstore also with different quantity.

Reported by rajani 2 years ago 4 Replies 2.5k Views

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