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Category Code Field Must Contain A Unique Value

Hello, When I create a category for example : Category Code * : ordi Category Name * : Ordinateurs Fixes Slug * : ordinateurs-fixes Description * : Ordinateur Fixe (Mac, Linux, PC...), Bureaut

Reported by Regis BOYER 2 weeks ago 1 Replies 21 Views


Purchases Disappear From System

I have attached a screenshot. I edited purchase ID 8. And added items up to 58 items. But after some time all items disappear and go back to 2. We have this same issue on our website. When a purcha

Reported by Joseph Helela 2 months ago 2 Replies 35 Views


Barcode 30 Per Sheet Alignment Issue

Hi, I have purchased 30 per sheet (2.625x1) Letter paper size, the print layout is misaligned. I'm not able to print on exact label for all labels. Can you please fix it? on 30 stickers, some are p

Reported by Noman Shahid 2 months ago 1 Replies 38 Views


Non Superadmin Users Cannot Export Product List

Only "superadmin" can export list products to excel. No other user including the "admin" user is not able to export under "List Products" selected items

Reported by Ghiyaath 4 months ago 0 Replies 49 Views


Send Sale For E-Mail - Dont See Ok

Good afternoon, sending a bandage by email; this is well received; but there is a link that is not seen in the email; check on both a pc and a mobile, but the image is not displayed. I attach files.

Reported by Jesus Almirante 5 months ago 1 Replies 79 Views


Unable To Choose Product Variant During Purchase

Hello, I added one product with 1KG and 2KG Variants. When I am going to purchase that product. Typing name automatically picking 1kg Variant. I cannot see any suggestion and pick that specific varian

Reported by Ahmed ShAnto 6 months ago 1 Replies 84 Views


After Update New Version Css Not Working

Hi im Tharmaraj, i purchased "Stock Manager Advance with All Modules" before working fine, after update the new version all my css not working. when login default owner account "[email protected]"

Reported by Tharmaraj 10 months ago 1 Replies 89 Views


Slash In Product Code Gives Barcode Error

adding a slash "/" gives barcode error. This system should check for characters that are not allowed. Tested on Demo, check product code watermelonws-1232334

Reported by Dean Elzey 11 months ago 1 Replies 122 Views


Error Displaying Products In The Online Store

In the new update, when choosing a category it always shows the same one and when changing the page to see other products it always shows page 1 even if you are on 5, in the same way when changing the

Reported by Michael Alonzo 1 year ago 1 Replies 92 Views
Version 3.4.46


Can Not Able To Purchase The Combo Items

i can not able to purchase the combo items. when i try to add the combo item in add purchase, It says No matching result found. Could you please help me on this

Reported by Moses 1 year ago 7 Replies 144 Views

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