Recurring Invoices Work - Cron Job


Hi, I'm using Simple Invoice version 4, and I can't make recurring invoices work.
Can anyone help me, share here the CRON JOB command that causes recurring invoices to be created and sent automatically to the customer, I'm using cPanel. Thanks

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Asked by FREE_PHP_BR 2 months ago


Answered by Mian Saleem


  1. I will check the date issue
  2. Date: you can set, created_at is system date and due date is for you to set if you have option for payment terms like pay in week etc. The invoice will be marked as overdue after due date.
  3. You can update the locale in settings
  4. You can change the refer in settings too
  5. Yes, days before are to generate the invoice early
  6. I didn't understand which 2 fields are you talking about?

To rebuild the app you need to install the packages first npm i and then you can build npm run build Node version need to be 20+

Thank you

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