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Generating Invoice From Quotation

While selecting invoice generation the last row product is not shown as add , but after generating the invoice it is shown properly as the quotation. and also show the link to hide the quotation

Reported by MANJULAL 11 months ago 1 Replies 128 Views


Settings Notes Loses Default Options

Edit a note and set it as default for sales or quotations. Submit the edit. Edit again. Note that the settings for defaults are both reset to No. I think this probably should not reset but should

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 0 Replies 31 Views


Another Rounding Error

Set a tax of 9.75% Add a new invoice Set an order discount of 20% Select the new 9.75% tax rate Set status to pending Enter an item for 44.50 Grand total should be 39.07 Save the invoice From list inv

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 1 Replies 61 Views


Smtp Password When Editing Settings

I thought I had reported this before, but maybe it was for a different app. If using SMTP mail transport, if you go back into settings to edit something (could be anything, unrelated to SMTP), when y

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 3 Replies 92 Views


Details Not Active For Added Invoice Line Items

Click on + icon to add a new item on the invoice. The details field (via the document icon) is not accessible. The rows added initially work, whether the default of 2 or some larger number. It seems

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 2 Replies 89 Views


Tfoor Should Be Tfoot

views/sales/form.php has a couple of tags as . Should be . Lines 372 and 388 in 3.7.2 released today (was in prior versions, too.) I didn't actually "test it on live demo" since this

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 1 Replies 163 Views


Error In Edit Payment When Amount Left Blank

Confirmed in demo system. View payments Edit payment delete (blank) payment amount Click Edit payment (to save) Does not give alert message of error, and goes to a wrong display. See attachment.

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 1 Replies 79 Views


Error In Tax Calculation And Rounding

I just tested this on the demo to confirm it's not unique to my system. See the attached images. One the one hand, it is just a display bug or computation error on the invoice entry form. However,

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 4 Replies 160 Views


Change Subheader Of List Users Page

The List Users page does not offer download options the same as other lists, such as List Invoices. This is because the same lang['list_results'] is used. I have tweaked my system to also have lang[

Reported by Scott Smith 1 year ago 1 Replies 87 Views


Can Not Add Customer Without Phone Number

I have installed this script successfully on my server. I found so many error & bugs. 1) I can not add customer without phone number & email address. 2) I can not delete my company which I have creat

Reported by Nehal Chavda 1 year ago 1 Replies 205 Views

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