Comments for Warehouse Inventory Management Solution

hello salem

this system need API so we can link it to any other systems (very important)
Stock Counts it's very important too you can do it like stock manager advance
and Items report & Checkins/Checkout import
because many warehouses uses scanner storage
select multi checkin and Combine to pdf or print like stock manager advance
and when i click on Ctrl +P to print Checkins it's print 2 copies
and search by Items name not working

and can you please add scan by camera or phone camera when i Create New Checkin or checkout
you can use something like

it's very simple i think

many thanks salem
i hope you are good

Comment by Amr 4 days ago
Replied by Mian Saleem 4 days ago

Thank you for feedback & suggestions. I can't promise at the moment but will sure check in future updates.

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