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Add Sale Screen Add New Customer Error

When adding a sale, if I add a new customer, I have to click the pensile icon, then type the name of the customer to select them. This should default to the newly added customer.

Reported by Dean Elzey 6 months ago 1 Replies 90 Views


Errors Keep Showing Although I Change Screen

I am using the system offline and When creating new user I forgot uncheck the Send to User Checkbox. Obviously, because I have not any email server it will throw and error. The main point is that this

Reported by Victor Campusano - UNAD 6 months ago 3 Replies 131 Views


Barcode Scanning Not Working In Pos

Hi Team, I set up your software on localhost and When I added some products in the system and printed the barcode (code39). After that go to the POS and try to scan these barcode tags but it only scan

Reported by kunal waghmare 6 months ago 3 Replies 146 Views
Version 0.0.0


Problem On Pos When You Add More Payments

Hi, here is 2 bugs/suggestions when you "finalize sale" on POS : 1) if you use the mouse and you highlight the amout from right to left (mouse with the left button), the screen 'finalize sale' disa

Reported by Domi 7 months ago 5 Replies 165 Views


Http Error Currently Unable To Handle Request

Hello I update the my system from v3.4.17 to latest one , I got this error: This page isn’t working [my system URL] currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 I check server PHP error l

Reported by Godfrey Mrina 7 months ago 2 Replies 138 Views


Lang No Have 2 Meaning With 1 String

Hi, Inside file sma_lang.php line 246 $lang['no'] - Issue in Translate to Arabic ['no'] mean don't accept and also mean quantity numbers and both have same string The string is used in 2 places so

Reported by Rise Company 7 months ago 1 Replies 79 Views


Stock Quantity Problem

Hello my friend, problem with quantity after “Sale delete”. In attachment i send you description of BUG. I tested it on live demo, and send you proof in atachment.

Reported by Marko Jovanovic 8 months ago 6 Replies 136 Views


Product Price And Net Price Is Different

The Unit price appears incorrect in adding sales, let's say the actual product price is 1730 in the product list, but it appears in add sale as 1903.

Reported by Carlo Angelo 11 months ago 1 Replies 78 Views


Arabic Language Update In Sales Report

hi i do not know how to explain if it is a bug or a feature request but i had to edit the language file with every update i wish you can make it permanent from your side with every future release th

Reported by naji alnimr 11 months ago 1 Replies 72 Views


Products Report Looping After Warehouse Selection

just tested in demo when ever i select a Warehouse and click on submit the report does not show and keep on looping

Reported by naji alnimr 11 months ago 4 Replies 130 Views

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