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Add First Last To The Lists

Hi, can you add, in all the lists (List Product, List Users, ....) a button first and last at the bottom, 'first' before the '' button. or can you point

Requested by Domi 5 months ago 1 Replies 46 Views


Display The Virtual Keyboard In Pos For Customers

In POS, when you add a product 'on the fly', the virtual keyboard appears (and that's fine), but if you add or edit a customer (always in POS) the virtual keyboard doesn't appear ... can you fix that

Requested by Domi 6 months ago 0 Replies 74 Views


Change Location Of The Virtual Keyboard

Hi, in pos, is it possible to specify the location of the virtual keyboard (left/right) and not only at the bottom ? (this is for some touch screens) Tkx, Domi.

Requested by Domi 7 months ago 1 Replies 104 Views


Add Product Created In Pos Into The Db

Hi, when creating a product in pos module, it's not inserted into the DB; please allow this with a checkbox in the modal : "Add item into the DB" (or something else) >> checked: it's added; not checke

Requested by Domi 7 months ago 1 Replies 99 Views


Possibility To Add Modules

Hi, be cool to develop a module system which could allow third party developper to add modules which sprcific features; this could be fine for you too to have a system which could be extend (with fre

Requested by Domi 7 months ago 3 Replies 135 Views


Added Table In Printing Area For Medical Optics

Dear Development Team Kindly I want to add the marked white area in the attachment photo as I use this system in optics store which sell medical and sunglass ,in the medical department I want add th

Requested by mohamed 10 months ago 3 Replies 119 Views


Desperate Need For This Feature

Hi, I desperately need to be able to set product quantity on product add/edit page. My products are being made in house and I do not need to take the extra step to place purchase orders since I don'

Requested by Max Z 1 year ago 6 Replies 233 Views


Please Let Know How Get These Features

Improvement of product report able to show transferred quantity and adjusted quantity , so when you track items show like these column: Product Code, 2. Product Name, 3. Purchased Quantity (W

Requested by Godfrey Mrina 1 year ago 1 Replies 144 Views


Customise Stock Manager For Multiple Shop

hello I am coming to you because I can no longer have you on facebook by chat how is it going because I have other project and I need your direct support can you answer me because we have a pending pr

Requested by fabrice ludonic kouomou mouafo 1 year ago 1 Replies 136 Views


Custom Invoice Template

In the Invoice view under System settings, now i can see three invoice template (Tax Invoice, Standard, Indian GST). How can I add a new invoice view with custom layout. My issue is in the current inv

Requested by Ghiyaath 1 year ago 4 Replies 258 Views

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