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We Getting An Installation Problem

hello, We have given granted the user all privileges on the database but getting the same error. we purchased this one last month 28th , but installation has not been completed till now please ca

Reported by rajani 1 week ago 1 Replies 35 Views
Version 0.0


Custom Fields Type Date

custom fields type date not working after entering a value and update nothing changed also i tested on same thing

Reported by Radwan Tarhini 2 weeks ago 1 Replies 20 Views


Turning On Shop Module

There is a problem when i turned on the shop module. I sent you 2 picture to compare, when i turned on the shop module there is a big white icon looks like a shopping bag.

Reported by Einnlleinhatt Ha 1 month ago 1 Replies 25 Views
Version 0.9.0


Many Errors Encountered On New Installation


Reported by Aldrin 4 months ago 1 Replies 90 Views


Unknown Batch_Uuid Receive When Installing

im getting this error on a fresh installation using the new code production.ERROR: SQLSTATE

Reported by Aldrin 4 months ago 1 Replies 60 Views
Version 0.8.0


Custom Field Entities Not Working Right

Hi one more problem found, after create custom field and chose Entities - Item, this custom field shown on all pages how to fix it? Also want to ask when the next update will be?

Reported by Taras 6 months ago 1 Replies 86 Views
Version 0.7.8


Cleanpublicfolder Js Not Found

Hello cleanPublicFolder.js is non-existent. Where should I get that to run the full npm run:prod command?

Reported by Aldrin 6 months ago 1 Replies 79 Views
Version 0.7.8


Demo Sql Cannot Be Found

Hello i'm installing and bought a standard license but I cannot use it because it always says location not found even i added it already. When i searched for the demo.sql it cannot be found on the sto

Reported by Aldrin 6 months ago 3 Replies 124 Views
Version 0.7.8


Field Offline Not Found

In the accounts form the offline field does not work, I have to go to the database to correct it.

Reported by Abdias Muñoz 7 months ago 1 Replies 94 Views
Version 0.7.8


Bug When Adding Custom Feilds

When added custom fields with Entities only for Sale it will add in all the other entities.

Reported by Gent 8 months ago 1 Replies 67 Views
Version 0.7.8

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