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Profit And Loss Reports

if you can add reports for profit and loss

Requested by Radwan Tarhini 9 months ago 6 Replies 318 Views


Add Multi Currency Option

Add multi currency options with option to set rate based to the basic currency. also in order invoice display prices in currencies defined -- optional to choose currency to bed displayed on order in

Requested by Radwan Tarhini 1 year ago 1 Replies 3.7k Views


Add More Payments To One Sale

Ability to add more payments to one sale, Ex. they pay half of sale by cash half of it by bank or they prepay half of their sale now and the rest later. Also report like Transactions to be able to pr

Requested by Gent 1 year ago 1 Replies 1.9k Views


Some Features For Custom Fields

How about to add feature to choose category, if you add a custom field to product? Also i think will be great to add a checkbox "Search", if this option is enabled custom field add in shop filter of

Requested by Taras 1 year ago 3 Replies 2k Views


Due Date And Bank Details For Sale

Can you add feature to display Due amount for customer on Sale PDF, and for each sale to have grace period then they can make the payment ( ex 60 days ), also bank details would be a good feature to a

Requested by Gent 1 year ago 0 Replies 1.8k Views


Back Order On Delivery

It would be great to have option in Deliveries for the items with no stock to be put on back order, once avaiable the rest of order is delivered. This is useful for overselling activated.

Requested by Gent 1 year ago 1 Replies 1.8k Views


Invoice Design Option

Same as "Item Label Design" under settings, Can we have "Invoice Design" to customize the Header and Footer of the invoice. For some businesses, "Store" part is not necessary, not required barcode, i

Requested by Raees 1 year ago 1 Replies 1.9k Views


List Sales In Pos Screen

"List Sales" did by the employee in the POS screen itself instead of going back to the dashboard. It will help to restrict POS sales staff from messing up with other options in the backend. "Add Pay

Requested by Raees 1 year ago 1 Replies 1.9k Views


Export From The List

Exporting from the list to csv/xls/pdf is a must feature for many use cases

Requested by Raees 2 years ago 1 Replies 2k Views


Bulk Import And Export Options

In SMA we have bulk import options. How can I do it in MPS

Requested by Raees 2 years ago 5 Replies 2.3k Views

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