Is It Possible To Custom The Code In Collaboration


Hallo Tecdiary,

Nice to know you,
I would kindly asked about the scope of your code,
currently my team and I are doing customization from your code, we add new features and functions.

We understand that it is not allowed to use the system in more than one url, we can make sure that now it is only live on this url : ,

actually we are hanging on new features and also fixing some bugs exist on your code, our issue is it is only working in one of our team localhost, actually it would be nice if my 3 developers can work together to custom your code.

anyway, if you don't mind, please kindly answer this ticket, is it possible we collaborate in your code? or we should by more purchase code (if we are 3 then we should purchase 3 purchase code so that 3 developers can run the code on local)

fyi, we use private github for collaboration anyway so that it's not going to the public

thank you very much for your kind attention and kindness,

Best Regards


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Asked by Lucky Pangestu 1 year ago


Answered by Mian Saleem 1 year ago


It would be fine to have three local installations. The only concern is that the production installation should be one per license and the license terms are not violated.

Thank you

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